Living a healthy lifestyle: Don't hate Jada Pinkett Smith because she seems to have it all together!

She admits to facing the same challenges we all do: keeping her career hot, her marriage hotter, and her body hottest.

Check out Shape's August issue where Jada offers up her stay-sane secrets and workout routines.

When you meet Jada Pinkett Smith, it's kind of hard not to be awestruck –happily married for almost 12 years to Hollywood heartthrob Will Smith, three kids, a successful career and a killer bod!

Surprisingly still full of energy after the Shape cover shoot, Jada sat down and talked openly about how she really does it all. "I won't lie to you," the Baltimore native admits. "I have a lot of help. It takes a village to run my life successfully!" It also takes a focused mind, total honesty, and a great sense of humor.

Get hooked on fitness workouts

Ever since she was kid, Jada's been physically active, something her mother, a single mom and nurse, encouraged by enrolling her in classes for gymnastics, dance, and horseback riding.

"Sitting at home on a Saturday or Sunday was never an option," says Jada, who has passed the torch for fitness workouts on to her own kids, Trey, 16 [from Will's first marriage], Jaden, 11, and Willow, 8. "They love to go to the gym with Will and me, but surfing and snowboarding is what we do together as a family for fun." Her mom gets in on the action when she's in town, hitting the gym with Jada at 6:30 a.m. "She's Miss Workout," says Jada proudly.

Jada Pinkett Smith happily shares three important tips in living a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle tips # 1: Embrace the unknown

This shift has also created a sense of balance in Jada's relationship. "Will and I are yin and yang," she says. "He's all sky, vast and bright and soaring, and I'm all earth. I'm here to ground him, and he's here to help me fly." Case in point: When Jada put her acting career on hold between 2004 and 2005 to go on the road with her metal band, Wicked Wisdom, as part of the Ozzfest tour, Will not only supported her, he and the kids also went along for the ride.

Healthy lifestyle tips # 2: Nurture romance

While family is the couple's main focus, Jada makes sure she and Will's love life stays, well, lively. Besides doing her daily Kegels ("It keeps the sex hot," says Jada), she takes time to nourish their relationship. "Last week we were stressed out, so I packed a picnic and took Will to a place we hiked to on one of our first dates. We sat and reminisced on that time in our life. Then we went home and made love. Thank God Will has simple tastes. Even the littlest thing for him is like, ‘Wow!'"

Healthy lifestyle tips # 3: Fuel your body...

Jada admits she is lacking in one area: "I can't cook!" she says. "It's genetic. My grandmother can't cook, my mother can't cook. I was raised to believe you eat because your body needs fuel for energy, so I eat superfoods."

Jada does love to bake, however; her specialty is 7-Up cake, but she has to be careful about having desserts around the house, for Will's sake. "He has a horrific sweet tooth," she says. "If there's cake in front of him, he'll eat the whole thing!"