It seems that when it comes to hair, Jennifer Aniston can do no wrong. From "the Rachel," named for her character on Friends, which may be credited with bringing the layered look to mainstream America, to the straight and sleek locks that have become synonymous with "Jennifer Aniston hair," the polished star's hairstyles have been the envy of women nationwide for more than a decade. For perhaps the first time since "the Rachel," Jennifer Aniston's hair barely grazes her shoulders with her new bob haircut. Will Jennifer Aniston's new hairstyle and lighter blond locks be the new fad? Or has America's hairstyle sweetheart made a misstep?

Here's what SHAPE Magazine readers are saying about it on Facebook:

Love it! She's incapable of a bad hairstyle.

-Danielle Cincoski

I'd like to see her with more of a strawberry blonde or even a light auburn.

-Melissa Popp

Cute cut. It's the color that isn't right for her skin.

-Lisa LaHiff

As boring as usual.

-Caralien Miller Speth

She can do anything and look good.

-Vickey Schick

As for Jen's new do, I love the cut but I think she would be much better of with a dark color. That gold is just not flattering on her complexion.

-Shannon Napier

Fun and fresh! Love it!

-Stephanie Fox

Don't like it at all! She should have gone darker with a more layered and defined cut. It washes her out and really just doesn't do her any justice at all!

-Eyvette Rodriguez

I loved her long hair... If she decides to let it grow it won't take that long...

-Jane Barbontin

What do you think about Jennifer Aniston's hair? Tell us if you love or hate Jen's new blonder bob haircut.

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