Jennifer Lopez is one busy – and fit – woman. A mother of twins with a singing career, TV career and film career, being in shape isn't just to look good, it's a way for her to have the energy she needs to do all the projects that she's involved with. While Lopez's return to American Idol isn't exactly certain for next year, it does look like she'll be in theaters soon, as she was recently offered two upcoming feature movie roles.

So how does Lopez do it all? Here are her favorite workouts that keep her energized and healthy!

3 Jennifer Lopez Workout Secrets

1. Zumba. Lopez is known for her fab dance skills, so it's no surprise that she loves Zumba to cut loose, have fun and burn some calories while building her cardio endurance!

2. Triathlon training. How did J-Lo get in such good shape after having twins? She trained for and ran a triathlon! The mix of swimming, biking and running tested her fitness and got her back to her pre-baby shape.

3. Sports. With a friendly yet competitive nature, Lopez loves to "get in the game!"