By Carson Olivares
April 15, 2014
Getty Images

Step by step, Jessica Simpson is shedding the baby pounds! After already reaching her weight-loss goal last month, the singer is continuing to turn heads with her impressive, Daisy Duke-ready physique. Her secret? Good old-fashioned diet and exercise, but not without a few tricks, of course.

One of the star's moves is simply getting out for a walk. "She likes walking in her neighborhood, and people often see her doing that," one source told People. "She goes for walks with her kids and her [fiancé] because she likes to keep moving when she's not with him. She's very adamant about making sure she's active when he's not around so she tries to get in 10,000 steps a day."

In addition, Simpson enlists body guru Harley Pasternak for 45 minutes, three days a week, focusing on, well, "everything." And as the new Weight Watchers spokeswoman, she continues to watch what she eats by counting her points. "I have a newfound determination that I'm really proud of," she says in her latest commercial for the weight-loss program. "I can honestly say I've never been happier."

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