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Kate Middleton: The Sports-Loving Brit's Athletic Past

Kate Middleton: March 30, 2005

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Kate Middleton and Prince William made their public debut as a couple on a ski trip in Klosters, Switzerland in April 2004. Here, Middleton hits the slopes with the royal family again in Klosters in March 2005. Middleton is an avid skier. We've even heard the fit Brit is better than her man on the mountain.

Kate Middleton: June 7, 2009

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Kate Middleton is an amazing athlete, but she's also a great sport on the sideline. Here, Middleton cheers on Prince William and Prince Harry as they played in a charity polo match in Cirencester, England on June 7, 2009. 

Kate Middleton: September 2006

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It's easy to see why Prince William dropped $200 to sit in the front row at Kate Middleton's student fashion show at the University of St. Andrews in 2002. She rocked a bikini on the runway back then and looks just as flawless here, seen vacationing with Prince William in Ibiza, Spain in 2006.

Kate Middleton: July 2007

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Kate Middleton was a standout athlete in boarding school, running cross country, swimming, and playing tennis and field hockey. Here, Middleton trains with the Sisterhood cross Channel rowing team.

Kate Middleton: August 2007

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After training for months to steer her all-female crew across the English Channel, Kate Middleton was forced to drop out of the race due to safety concerns created by paparazzi.

Kate Middleton: March 4, 2007

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The paparazzi were still after Kate Middleton after a short-lived split from Prince William in spring 2007. Middleton is seen here at the Middleton Badminton Horse Trials on May 4, 2007.

Kate Middleton: March 14, 2008

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Kate Middleton is all smiles (and back together with Prince William!) while cheering on the horse racers at the 2008 Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival in England.

Kate Middleton: July 2008

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Kate Middleton is a tennis fanatic and reportedly takes it to Prince William on the court. Here, Middleton watches the 2008 Wimbledon Championships in London, but rumor has it she may serve as a Royal representative in future Wimbledon Championships.

Kate Middleton: February 2007

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Kate Middleton attended an England versus Italy rugby match in London with Prince William and Prince Harry in February 2007. Prince William played rugby as a student at University of St. Andrews, where the couple met in 2001.

Kate Middleton: June 17, 2006

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Kate Middleton attended the Chakravarty Cup charity polo match to support her prince on June 17, 2006 in Richmond, England.

Kate Middleton: July 10, 2010

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Four years later, Kate Middleton is back at the Chakravarty Cup to cheer on Prince William and Prince Harry in their 2010 charity match. While Middleton is often spotted supporting both princes' polo efforts, this is one sport in which she'll never participate—she's allergic to horses.

Kate Middleton: March 16, 2007

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For someone who is allergic to horses, Kate Middleton is quite the equestrian supporter. Here, Middleton attends the final day of the Cheltenham Festival on March 16, 2007.

Kate Middleton: March 2008

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Kate Middleton and Prince William, frequently photographed hitting the slopes, return to Klosters, Switzerland in March 2008 for another active getaway.

Young Kate Middleton

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Even at a young age, Kate Middleton showed athletic prowess. Here, the three-year-old Middleton hikes on a family vacation in the Lake District.

Young Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton is photographed here with her father and younger sister Pippa Middleton while vacationing with her family in Jerash, Jordan.

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