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Kelly Osbourne: My Favorite Things

Energy Booster: Lu Shortbread

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($5; at grocery stores)

"When I need a quick energy boost, one or two of these does the trick. They're satisfying but not too sweet." Get-off-the-charts energy with other celebs' favorite energy boosters.

Cleansing Conditioner: WEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner

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"My hair is so damaged from dying it, but this makes it feel silky." Find the best hair product for your hair type and style.

English Tradition: Tazo Passion Tea

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($10 for 48 bags;

"I'm an English girl who loves tea, and this unsweetened herbal blend is delicious." We scoured the drink aisle to find the best and worst picks for your body.

Sexy Stilettos: Miu Miu Black Platforms

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"When I wear these shoes, I look tall and feel amazing."

Breakfast Savior: Activia Light Yogurt

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($8 for 8; at grocery stores)

"I used to hate breakfast, but this tastes really good with granola." Bored with your healthy breakfast? Try one of these tasty breakfast ideas.

Sweet Indulgence: Triple Berry Shortcake

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(from $38;
"If I want to eat cake, I'm going to have the most delicious one I can find!" Another option: Try this lower calorie buttermilk chocolate cake.

Beauty Product: Kinara Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum

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"I read Halle Berry uses this, so I gave it a try; it helps my skin look smoother and healthier." Can't afford Kelly's favorite? Check out these other creams and cleansers from this year's SHAPE of Beauty Awards. Back to Kelly's Main Page >>


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