If you've been watching Dancing with the Stars on ABC this season, you've probably been wowed by a number of factors (Those outfits! The dancing!), but one particular thing stands out to us at Shape: Kirstie Alley's weight loss. As the dance numbers and weeks have gone by, she has literally been shrinking in front of our eyes.

So just how has she done it? Well, DWTS is known for getting celebs in shape. The hours and hours of dancing helped Kate Gosselin get in super shape and has also helped produce these "best bodies" as well. Kristie has said that she usually spends more than four hours a day rehearsing and getting the choreography down. Depending on the type of dancing she's doing, that means that she's easily burning thousands of calories a day! Pair that with a more nutritious and lower-calorie diet, and it's easy to see how the weight is just dropping off.

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Looks like this former "Fat Actress" will have to have to go by a new name in Hollywood. We suggest Dancing Queen or Fit Actress!

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