After securing an Emmy nomination for best comedy series, the super-popular show Glee announced that the third season would be the last for stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and two-time best supporting actor Emmy nominee Chris Colfer. While we understand that Rachel, Finn and Kurt can't be in high-school Glee club forever, we're sad that this will be their last season on the show. Besides having really fun music, it's been a blast to see Michele's fitness change over the years. Read on for five of her favorite workouts -- besides all the dancing she does on Glee!

The 5 Favorite Workouts of Lea Michele

1. Intervals. Michele spends a lot of time on set, rehearsing and filming, so she's already pretty active and doesn't have a lot of time to hit the gym. So, she focuses on quick 20- to 30-minute high-intensity intervals to boost fitness fast.

2. Yoga. With a busy schedule, Michele uses yoga to de-stress, improve flexibility and Zen out.

3. Weight training. Whether it's with resistance bands or medicine balls, Michele keeps her muscles strong by doing regular strength training.

4. Outdoor workouts. Michele loves to get out in nature for a workout. Whether it's hiking a trail or rock climbing, she likes to get outside when she can!

5. iPhone apps. When she's traveling, Michele swears by the Nike Training Club app. With 60 custom workouts, it's like having a personal trainer wherever you go, she says!