She seems like the ideal gym buddy, if you ask us.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: March 22, 2017

If you saw Ghostbusters or watch SNL on the reg, you know that Leslie Jones is hilarious. Remember that time she met Olympian Katie Ledecky in Rio? Yeah, that was pretty amazing. The comedian and actress definitely has a unique viewpoint on pretty much everything, which is part of why we love her so much. Now, she's taking on the gym.

Lately, the star has been tweeting and posting on her Instagram about her workouts almost daily. It looks like she is majorly committed to her fitness. From showing off her PR rowing time to doing some wall sits that look seriously painful (ouch!) she seems to be having an awesome time staying fit.

Yesterday, she posted this gem: "'Hello 911? Yeah, my trainer tried to kill me today! What's that? Is my ass looking good? Yeah but... never mind.' Well I guess that didn't work." If you've ever had a super-tough trainer or instructor push you to your limit, you can probably relate to this sentiment. Sometimes, it feels like they are actually *maybe* trying to break you, right? (Even though instructors have the best intentions, it's a good idea to be aware of these warning signs that you're pushing yourself too hard in the gym.)

But not to worry, Jones was back at it the next day, captioning her workout post, "Don't matter if I'm on the road, got to get it in." Considering she probably has a pretty insane schedule, we've got to give her props for fitting in that gym time-no matter what. Plus, her honest yet funny take on the not-so-pretty aspects of working out is nothing short of motivational. Leslie Jones basically seems like the ideal gym BFF, if you ask us. (BTW, if you like her "Shake Your Asana" tank, you'll love these 20 funny yoga tank tops to inspire your flow.)


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