Maria Sharapova Takes Her Best Shot

Shape caught up with tennis star Maria Sharapova at the launch of her limited edition Canon PowerShot Diamond Collection. Looking sleek in a one-shoulder Lanvin dress, she revealed how she stays fit, what inspires her and why she loves her job.

The 21-year-old athlete, who has already won U.S. Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open championships, had hoped to add an Olympic medal to her trophy case, but a shoulder injury forced her to skip the Beijing games. While she admits to being disappointed, she draws motivation from watching her peers and hopes to compete in the 2012 games. "Seeing all these amazing athletes performing at the highest levels with all the pressure on them really inspires me," says Sharapova.

She'll have to sit out the U.S. Open as well, but she's been cross-training to stay at the top of her game while undergoing rehab on her shoulder in Arizona (she's working with top trainer and physical therapist Brett Fischer). "I've been walking hills a lot and biking a little bit outdoors," says Sharapova. "I don't do heavy weights at all. I go to yoga classes and work on my core."

When she needs a break from training, Sharapova loves going to spas to get pampered, but her beauty routine is surprisingly low maintenance. She believes that less is more when it comes to primping and lists sunscreen as her must-have beauty product. Her eating plan is simple too: The svelte, 6'2" star doesn't believe in diets. She makes an effort to nosh on healthy foods that will keep her energized but still enjoys pizza, pasta and waffles-in moderation, of course.

"I love what I do and I love being an athlete, but I also love all the things that have come with it," says Sharapova. Being a highly ranked pro since 2004 has given her the opportunity to travel extensively-she recently went sightseeing in France and boating on Lake Arrowhead in California-and to pursue her interests in fashion and photography. "I want to be better at the things I do. I'm never standing still and that makes my life pretty exciting."

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