Finally, a realistic look at celebrity weight loss! The funny celeb steps out happily showing off a slimmer body


Standards of celebrity weight loss can sometimes seem unrealistic-stars swear by restricting diets, new moms are pressured to drop weight just months (or weeks!) after having a baby. That's why we loved seeing actress Melissa McCarthy-who's risen to Hollywood's A-list in spite of the industry's "skinny standard"-step out showing off a more realistic vision of weight loss, with a new slimmed-down figure. The star looked confident and healthy at a fundraiser yesterday for P.S. ARTS, an organization that supports arts education in underserved public schools and communities in Santa Monica, CA.

McCarthy has reportedly lost 45 pounds by following a high protein and low-carb diet. But is she finally folding to Hollywood's image of thin? No way! A source told reporters that McCarthy wants to set a good example and stay healthy for her kids, and to live longer. We like this kind of smart perspective on a woman's body, her health, and her weight. But we especially love how happy she looks-and we're betting she loves it, too! (For more on the star see Fashion News We Love: Melissa McCarthy Designing Plus-Sized Line)