Missy Elliot has brought us great workout tunes like "Work It," "The Rain," and " Get Ur Freak On." But for the last three years, Elliott has been pretty quiet on the music front. Turns out, she's been battling Graves' disease, the most common form of hyperthyroidism. Elliott recently told People magazine that she was diagnosed back in 2008 when the disease began affecting her motor skills, and began causing her to suffer from common Graves' disease symptoms such as dizzy spells, lumps in her throat, mood swings, hair loss, a fast heart rate and bulging eyes.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Graves' disease is caused when your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid gland. The disease is more common in women than men, and usually begins after age 20.

While Graves' disease is rarely life threatening, it is certainly life altering. Elliott told people that although she'll have the disease and certain Grave's disease symptoms for a lifetime, she's feeling better after undergoing radiation and taking medication. Elliott has also dropped 30 pounds from exercising and a better diet.

We hope Elliott's new, healthier lifestyle will allow her to get back to making new workout music soon!