Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to the press, having had her personal life thrust into the spotlight 11 years ago, on the MTV reality series The Osbournes. And since SHAPE released her exclusive bikini photos on the cover of the December issue, she's been talking more than ever. Here's what Kelly Osbourne is saying now:

1. Sometimes, a Bikini Makes You Cry (In a Good Way)

When Kelly Osbourne arrived at the SHAPE cover shoot and saw the room full of gorgeous (but skimpy) suits, she practically fainted. "I've never worn a bikini in my life!," she said. Now she's saying:

"Oh my God. I can't believe that's me!"Kelly Osbourne on E! News

"I cried when they took the first picture and I saw it on the screen and I cried when I saw it on Monday. I never ever thought in a million years that I would be a girl in the bikini-ever." – Kelly Osbourne on The Talk, 11.16.10

2. Confident Trumps Pretty

"You can lose weight, but if you don't like what you see, you're never going to be happy. It's finding that confidence within myself to accept that I'm never going to be the prettiest girl in the world, but I just want to like myself."Kelly Osbourne on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

3. Don't Go Back

"During the process of the show [Dancing With the Stars], I got into a fight with one of the dancers and she would mutter ‘fat b*tch' beneath her breath every time she walked past me…After the show finished, I gained a couple of pounds back and I thought: ‘I'm not doing this, I've come too far.' And now I've become kind of obsessed with exercise and I never thought I'd be like that."-Kelly Osbourne on The Talk, 11.16. 2010

4. Dad Doesn't Always Have to Approve

"I make a playlist of the gayest pop music that you can imagine; if any of my father's friends heard the music for my workout, they'd be like, ‘Shame on you!' But you've got to turn the most miserable experiences of your life into something fun." –Kelly Osbourne in New York Magazine.

5. When You Look Great, Not Everyone's Excited

"People don't realize that it's as shocking for me as it is for them…I'm still getting used to seeing me like this and the changes, it's weird. Girls in Hollywood don't like you when you start to become their competition – they start to get much more nasty."Kelly Osbourne on

What Kelly's Saying on Twitter (@MissKellyO):

  • Thank u so much 4 all ur kind words I want u guys 2 know u played a huge part in me not giving up the gym because of all ur support! Thanx.
  • If I can do it you can do it 2! You guys are the best xoxoxo
  • im so excited because tomorrow my shape magazine cover comes out!!!!!
  • I just got done trying all the bikinis on I have never worn one in my life! I had a little tears of joy moment in the bathroom!
  • Just got done shooting the cover of shape! I cried in my interview I just can't believe today happened it your not going to believe ur eyes!

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