Twitter users are reminding people that weight does not define someone's identity.

Adele is a notoriously private celebrity. She's appeared on a few talk shows and done a couple of interviews, often sharing her reluctance to be in the spotlight. Even on social media, the singer keeps things pretty low-key. Some would argue that the most candid she's been is the time she opened up about her experience with postpartum depression. But even then, she shared her story four years after giving birth to her son, Angelo Adkins. (Related: What to Take Away from That Adele "Do-Over" Performance at the Grammys)

This week, however, the 31-year-old mom started making headlines left and right after a few photos of her on vacation surfaced online.

Almost immediately, people on social media, as well as several news outlets, began praising the performer for her "stunning" and "impressive" weight loss. (Insert eye-roll here.)

Reports quickly surfaced speculating how much weight the singer has lost, even though Adele herself has yet to comment on the topic. Other outlets suggested that Adele's recent divorce could be the inspiration behind her transformation. (Related: Why Body-Shaming Is Still a Serious Problem and What You Can Do to Stop It)

Some people on social media even went as far as saying that the singer is now "too skinny" and that she "doesn't look like herself anymore."

Once these headlines and tweets started circulating, several of Adele's fans vented their frustration about the level of media fascination with the singer's appearance. (Related: Why Commenting On a Woman's Weight Is Never a Good Idea)

Some people noted that complimenting the star for losing weight implies that thin bodies are somehow more desirable than larger bodies. "No offense, but I'm really over people saying that Adele is so gorgeous now that she's lost weight," tweeted one person. "She's always been absolutely stunning. Weight isn't and will never be a determining factor of beauty and I can't believe that still has to be said in 2020." (Learn more about why losing weight doesn't always lead to body confidence.)

Another person pointed out that Adele is "way more than whatever her weight is and it's not her identity. Her weight loss belongs to nobody but herself." (Related: This Woman Wants You to Know That Losing Weight Won't Magically Make You Happy)

Others said that despite Adele's impressive talent and success over the years, the singer's weight seems to always be the subject of attention. "You're all acting like losing weight is the most iconic thing Adele has done," wrote one Twitter user. (Related: Katie Willcox Wants You to Know You're So Much More Than What You See In the Mirror)

Bottom line? Commenting on any person's body is never okay. Moreover, hyper-focusing on Adele's weight is a major snub to her achievements. She didn't earn 15 Grammys, an Oscar, 18 Billboard Music Awards, nine Brit Awards, a Golden Globe, and the title of the UK's fastest-selling album ever because of how much she weighs.