Graham has a pointer for people who ask her how to become a model: Don't.

By Renee Cherry
December 04, 2017
Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Supermodel life sounds like a dream from the outside-and it is a dream for a lot of young women. You get paid to jet to fashion shows, wear gorgeous clothes, and work with the best stylists and makeup artists in the world. But Ashley Graham just dropped some industry knowledge in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. The short of it: Graham doesn't recommend her job to aspiring models.

"The question I get asked all the time from young girls is, 'How do I become a model? I want to be a model,'" she told CBS. "And I say to them, 'Why would you want to be a model? Why would you want to be picked apart all the time? Why don't you go be the editor? Why not just strive to be, like, the Anna Wintour? Or why not be a designer and tell models what to do all day?"

Instead of glossing over her job as all glamour all the time, Graham brought up a definite downside: Models are constantly under a microscope. And she might ooze confidence now, but Graham felt like an "outsider" because of her size when she was starting out.

Of course, her experience hasn't been all bad. During the interview, Graham talked about her excitement at being the first curvy model on the cover of Sports Illustrated. All in all, she's grateful for where she is today. "I'm having a moment, but I've been having a moment a little while right now, and I'm so thankful for it. Not only are you seeing women who have my body shape, who are bigger, who are smaller, whatever; you see the industry changing right before your eyes."

And though she doesn't think modeling is all it's cracked up to be, Graham has made a point to help pave the way for future models. (She even founded ALDA, a modeling agency that promotes inclusivity in fashion.) If you're set on breaking into the biz, take note of Graham's tips on gaining confidence through daily affirmations, and don't let haters keep you from being you. Graham is proof that staying true to yourself pays off.