She clapped back in the best way.

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Alison Brie has been our workout crush ever since we learned that she did 80-lb split squats, pull-ups, and weighted sled pulls to train for the second season of GLOW. But Brie wasn't always so in touch with her strong side.

"I made a decision when I booked GLOW to showcase a more physical side of myself," she told ESPN in a recent interview. "To be the first to try any new move, to put fear aside and just dive in. It was something that nobody suspected of me."

It turns out that Brie was made for the ring. "When our wrestling coach, Chavo Guerrero Jr., called me a natural, it was a shock," she said. "It was the first time anyone ever said something like that to me. I tapped into this whole other side of myself at 33-years-old." (Find Out Why Brie Larson and Alison Brie Are Our New Favorite Workout Buddies)

People were surprised at how far she could push herself physically. "People who trained at my gym would watch me do pull­-ups or high box jumps with a weighted belt and be like, 'Holy s---!'" (See: How Alison Brie Created Her Own Workout Plan While Filming In the Middle of Nowhere)

And some made her feel like she didn't belong. "Someone once told me at the gym, 'You look like you should be baking cookies, not rocking pull-ups,'" she revealed. "And I was like, 'Well, too bad.'"

Brie couldn't shake the newfound love she had for wrestling and the training that went with it. "It definitely gave me a major confidence boost across the board and a strong sense of power I carry with me everywhere I go," she told ESPN. "I've taken that feeling with me into new jobs. It changed the way that I approach auditioning, even looking at projects." (Related: Study Says Just One Workout Could Improve Your Body Image)

She's also developed a much healthier relationship with her body. "As just an actress, it was me vs. my body," she explained. "I feel hungry, but I don't think I should eat that," she added. "It was this battle."

But wrestling helped her realize the power that comes with feeling physically strong and capable.

"Wrestling has connected me to my body and to the bodies of the women around me," she said. "I need to be strong so that I can lift this woman, or so when she throws me across the ring, I can really sell that move. I need to be muscular so I don't get injured. It helped me develop a real inner power, this feeling like a badass, which is pretty exciting."


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