She spoke about her experience during the launch of Frida Mom, a new postpartum recovery brand.

By Renee Cherry
August 01, 2019
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After giving birth to her son Gene back in May, Amy Schumer posted photos of herself in hospital underwear. People were offended, so she responded with a sorry-not-sorry and flashed her undies again. These days, she's still not afraid to share the realities of postpartum life: Schumer talked about her recovery at an event for Frida Mom, a new postpartum recovery brand. (Related: Amy Schumer Opens Up About How a Doula Helped Her Through Her Complicated Pregnancy)

While attending the new brand's launch, Schumer opened up about her own delivery and recovery. "My pregnancy was so bad that my c-section almost felt like a breeze and I felt fine after," she told People. "Now I feel like I can do anything. I was gutted, literally." (ICYMI: Schumer had hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that causes severe nausea during pregnancy.)

The comedian said she's gotten tons of support from other women; now she wants to pay it forward. "I want to advocate for the mothers," she told People. "Whatever you have to do to survive, just do it," she adds. "The way that women reached out to me…women really want to help you and hold your hand through the experience."

Her remarks were fitting for the occasion. An extension of Frida, Frida Mom intends to give women who just gave birth better options for postpartum care. Founder Chelsea Hirschhorn created the brand after finding a lack of options after her second pregnancy. "Nurses were still recommending DIY padsicles, sitting on wee-wee pads and burn spray," she says. "To then find everything I needed, I had to go to several different stores to find what I could." (Related: Chrissy Teigen Gets ~So~ Real About 'Ripping to Your Butthole' During Childbirth)

As a solution to that problem, Frida Mom offers a Complete Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Recovery Kit, which comes with 15 products. Everything's also sold individually, with options like Instant Ice Maxi Pads, which provide a layer of chill without the need for a freezer, and an Upside Down Peri Bottle with a conveniently bent nozzle. (Related: Hilaria Baldwin Bravely Shows What Happens to Your Body After Giving Birth)

Schumer might've declared "Hospital underwear for life!" at one point, but clearly, she can still appreciate the need for additional options.


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