"Still waiting for this to feel real!"

By Faith Brar
August 12, 2020

Fitness trainer and Fit Body Guides creator, Anna Victoria took to Instagram today to announce the birth of her first child, Aurora Vittoria Ferretti.

Little Aurora came into the world on Monday, August 10 at 8:06 p.m., the new mom shared on Instagram.

"She's here," Victoria wrote alongside a heartwarming photo of her smiling down at her new baby girl. "Still waiting for this to feel real!!"

While Victoria has only shared a glimpse of her life as a brand new mom so far, she spent the last several months keeping fans updated about her pregnancy.

Not only did she share numerous adorable pics of her growing baby bump and helpful examples of how she modified exercises for more low-impact workouts, but she also opened up about her struggle with morning sickness, the time she was put on bed rest for 12 weeks, and how her pregnancy caused her to lose sleep. The trainer also got real about embracing her body's changes during pregnancy, from the size of her bump and her overall mobility to stretch marks and weight gain. (Related: Fitness Influencer Anna Victoria Fights Back Against Pregnancy Workout Shaming)

Prior to announcing her pregnancy in January, the fitness influencer documented her two-year battle with infertility. She was raw and vulnerable about the challenges she faced during this time, both on Instagram and her YouTube channel.

When she first started trying to conceive, Victoria shared that she tried several natural approaches to increase her odds of getting pregnant. But switching up her diet and workout routine didn't work, so she tried intrauterine insemination (IUI). When that didn't work either, Victoria turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is what finally helped her conceive. (Related: My Long-Awaited IVF Transfer Was Canceled Because of the Coronavirus)

While Victoria's struggles might seem like a thing of the past now, the pain and heartbreak of it all still stay with her today, she shared in an Instagram post earlier this month.

"Two years of tears and confusion as to why [we couldn't conceive] and we've made peace with the fact that it simply wasn't meant to happen until now," she wrote. "That's not to say we don't still have some emotional scars that an infertility journey inevitably leaves, but we truly feel this was the moment we've [been] waiting for, and the moment SHE was waiting for."