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This Body-Positive Barbie Was Made to Look Like Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is one of the biggest names in body positivity, and she's done a ton of work to promote awareness about #beautybeyondsize. From speaking out against the plus-size label to sticking up for cellulite, Ashley's been one of the most influential voices in the arena of body image for the past few years. The model and activist's work has been so important, in fact, that she was honored by Glamour with a special award last night at their "Women of the Year" event in Los Angeles.

While being named one of the Women of the Year, which is a class filled with not just celebrities, but athletes, equality activists, government officials, and other women breaking through glass ceilings in an effort to change the conversation about gender, the real award came when Graham was given her very own Barbie. Mattel, who manufacturers the iconic toy, created a special, strikingly accurate Barbie version of Graham. The doll wears a sleek sparkly sheath dress, embellished denim jacket, and some seriously glam hoop earrings—all of which were chosen by Graham.

Eva Chen, one of the biggest names in the industry and currently Instagram's top fashion authority, captioned her cute Boomerang video of the new Barbie saying, "I love that Ashley Graham asked for her Barbie to have thighs that touch. She also asked for her Barbie to have cellulite. Here in all its glory."

In an interview with Glamour Graham exclaimed, "She got a round belly. She got round hips. She got round everything, yes!" We think it's safe to say she seems pretty psyched about it—and she definitely should be. (If you're a big Ashley fan, check out these 12 times Ashley Graham showed us what fitspo was really about.)

But the best part about the new doll is that little girls (and boys) will be able to see a Barbie that looks like a real person, and that's super important for developing a healthy body image. In fact, Barbie introduced three new body types to their roster earlier this year: curvy, tall, and petite. "It's so incredible because, now, I'm not striving to be Barbie," says Graham. "I am Barbie. Everyone can be Barbie."

A million times "yes" to that. Sadly, this particular doll is not going to be available for sale to the general public, but the fact that it exists at all is a huge step forward for girls, boys, women—OK, everyone—everywhere.


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