She captured the "very casual" moment in a video on her Instagram.

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Ashley Graham at Variety's Power Of Women
Credit: Getty Images/Mike Coppola

There are lots of factors that can stand between you and a good workout: a boring playlist, an itchy pair of leggings, a faint stench of B.O. in the gym. For Ashley Graham, sometimes her boobs prove to be her biggest obstacle when crushing a workout. But the 31-year-old model knows exactly how to overcome the hurdle—and laugh along the way. (Related: Ashley Graham's Insta Story About Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra Is Beyond Relatable)

Earlier this week, Graham posted an Instagram video of herself doing a set of glute bridges. She's seen lying on the floor, holding what looks like a sandbag above her body for extra resistance. With each rep, as she lifts the sandbag above her head, and her hips and chest thrust upward, her chin ever-so-slightly tucks into her cleavage.

"Casual," Graham says in the video with a stoic, determined look on her face. "When your t*ts and your chin meet. Very casual."

Kira Stokes, Graham's trainer and creator of The Stokes Method, is behind the camera, which zooms in on Graham's chin-meets-boobs moment.

"These are things that... you know," Stokes starts to say while recording. Graham completes the thought for her with perfect comedic timing: "That you don't have to worry about! I do!"

But the truth is, these unexpectedly awkward moments in the gym are no match for Graham's motivation. "I have never let my body come in the way of training and training hard," she wrote in her Instagram caption. "Boobs, butt, tummy - nothing stops me from moving my body and taking control of my health!" (Related: Here's Further Proof That Ashley Graham Is the Ultimate Badass In the Gym)

Stokes cheered her on in the comments section, calling Graham "unstoppable." "I'm giving you all the fitness and you're giving me all the insight into the struggles of finding the right sports bra," she wrote.

That struggle is a real one, and if you can relate, Graham has some solid recommendations. She previously praised the Enell Women's High Impact Sports Bra (Buy It, $66) in an Instagram video. "To all of my big-breasted ladies out there who love to work out and can't find a bra, it's all about the Enell!" she said. "These girls are not going anywhere—nowhere!" she added, shimmying her chest to prove her point.

Graham is also a fan of Knixwear sports bras (Buy It, $89), which are wireless and offer maximum support. (Related: Nike Is Revolutionizing the Sports Bra and Extending Their Sizes)

Of course, even the most supportive sports bra in the world probably won't prevent those chin-meets-boobs moments. But as Graham proved in her video, the point isn't necessarily to avoid obstacles in the gym. Sometimes it's more rewarding to accept the hurdles for what they are and show yourself that you're still in control, no matter what.

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