A reminder that it's never okay to make assumptions about someone's body.

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Updated: August 29, 2018
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This story originally appeared on Health.com by Blake Bakkila.

Ashley Graham's Tuesday started with a tiny spat. The supermodel is currently on vacation, and she's been spending most of her time in a bikini. Sharing her morning activity (and blasting N.E.R.D. and Rihanna's "Lemon") with her social media fans, she panned down to show her pink two-piece. (Related: Model Ashley Graham Has a Problem with the 'Plus-Size' Label)

This caught the attention of one follower, who responded with a comment about Ashley's "baby bump," assuming she was pregnant.

"Good Morning… Ashley!!!!$ Looking good…. Baby bump…. :)))))," @magbody wrote.

This kind of pregnancy assumption is something many women who aren't slender can relate to. While going about their day, a co-worker, acquaintance, or even a stranger will congratulate them and ask when they're due-mistaking a not-skinny body for a pregnant one, or a food baby with a baby bump. (Related: 8 Things You Need to Stop Saying to Pregnant Women)

Leave it to Graham to not let this inappropriate (and inaccurate) assumption slide. She was simply sharing a fun morning she spent by the pool-not announcing that she was expecting. (Related: Why Calling Ashley Graham Brave Could Actually Be an Insult)

Thanks to the always-vigilant @commentsbycelebs Instagram account, we got to see Graham's no-nonsense four-word clap back: "@magbody that's just called fat."

"Tell em, @ashleygraham," @commentsbycelebs captioned the post. And we could not agree more. (Related: The Empowering Mantra Ashley Graham Uses to Feel Like a Badass)

The soon-to-be American Beauty Star host continues to be a body positivity icon, never shying away from taking on haters or addressing comments that need correcting.



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