Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, and More Are Celebrating Their Changing Bodies on Social Media — and for Good Reason

The stars recently posted videos set to Emily Meli’s single "I Am Woman" as part of the latest body positivity trend taking over the 'Tok and 'gram.

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If scrolling through social media has you feeling some kinda way about your body (hey, it happens to many), a new trend taking over TikTok and Instagram might help turn these negative sentiments around.

Set to the tune of singer/songwriter Emmy Meli's single "I Am Woman," the trend — aptly being referred to as the "#IAmWoman trend" — essentially involves posting a video in which you're celebrating your bod in all its beautiful, natural glory. What does this look like exactly? It depends. Some clips are more along the lines of a montage with photos of the user at different points in life. Meanwhile, others feature the user dressed in some version of undies and a top, lovingly dancing along to the music. Both of the takes on the trend, however, transform Meli's powerful lyrics into viral gold — so much so that even Ashley Graham had to get in on the body positivity phenomenon.

Earlier this week, Graham, who is currently pregnant with twins, posted a video on TikTok in which she rubs her bump while swaying to the empowering song. "We are anything we want," she wrote in the caption. And while the model didn't elaborate on the stunning video, she's been open in the past about embracing her changing body throughout both of her pregnancies. (ICYDK, Graham gave birth to her son, Isaac, back in January 2020.)

Fellow model Iskra Lawrence also took part in the trend this week, sharing a clip on Instagram with the caption, " 🌟PAUSE🌟 stop scrolling & repeat after me: I AM WOMAN 💫I AM FEARLESS 🙌I AM SEXY ❤️‍🔥I'M DIVINE 🕊I'M UNBEATABLE 💪I'M CREATIVE ✍️📚." In Lawrence's rendition, she features photos of herself throughout the years, captioning each pic with a corresponding lyric from the accompanying song. The video begins with a sweet shot of her looking down at her pregnant belly and moves to a truly incredible photo of her mid-labor in a bathtub with her partner, Philip Payne, followed by a series of images of her modeling, working out, and journaling.

But with over 452 million views on TikTok and 226,000 posts on Instagram with #IAmWoman, it's clear that Graham and Lawrence aren't the only ones turning Meli's powerful lyrics into viral gold. Even Bobbie the Persian — a cat with a casual 1.6 million followers on TikTok — has gotten in on the trend. And while the feline's video is sure to offer a good laugh, it seems that most of the #IAmWoman posts will leave you feeling all of the feels (and the song stuck in your head for hours).

Take, for example, @keigekuoli's TikTok video, in which the new mama dances along to the music while holding her baby and, in her words, "loving and finding [herself] again #ppd." Equally as inspiring is @jenndanielle's rendition. Similar to Graham, the TikTok user dances IRL in just a sports bra and underwear, showing off her curves, underarm hair, and countless unique features that make her special. And then there's another new mom, @hannahcastle, whose video focuses on missing being pregnant with quadruplets — a true reminder that all bodies are incredible, beautiful, and frankly, so badass.

Now, there's no denying that this trend is empowering AF. But if getting your shimmy on in front of your entire social media following, know that there are plenty of other things you can do to better your relationship with your body. In fact, you can start by simply looking in the mirror and repeating a body-loving affirmation that speaks to you — something that both Lawrence and Graham do themselves, too. Sure, speaking to your reflection might sound or feel silly at first, but positive self-talk and affirmations can be wildly powerful at shifting your overall mindset.

"In a way, this is similar to exercise — when you exercise routinely, you start to see benefits with your body and mind, such as increased strength and endurance. Similarly, when you continue to use positive affirmations on a regular basis, you start to believe them and your actions will exemplify this, which in turn will make it easier to achieve your goals," Navya Mysore, M.D., a family physician and medical director at One Medical in New York City, previously told Shape. (BTW, Lizzo is also a fan of using self-love affirmations to help boost her relationship with her body.)

Whether you post your own #IAmWoman rendition to social media or simply add Meli's song to your playlist as a reminder of how much of a warrior you are, you'll likely be on your way to beating any body-related blues you've been battling lately. Kick that ish to the curb, because you've always got it going on.

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