We've all been there.

By Faith Brar
March 21, 2019
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Per usual, Ashley Graham took to her Instagram Stories yesterday to share how she absolutely crushed it while doing a seriously tough workout with trainer Kira Stokes. After doing some ab work, the model turned things up a notch by adding a quick jump rope sesh to the mix-which she quickly realized was a bad idea, considering she wasn't wearing the right sports bra for the job. (Here's further proof that Ashley Graham is the ultimate badass in the gym.)

Photo: Instagram

"I have the wrong bra on today. Jumping rope, my breasts are hitting me in the face," she says in the video. "They hurt, they're going to be more sore than my abs."

Stokes, who seems to be recording the video, then shares her sympathies from behind the camera: "Here's the thing as a trainer that doesn't really have to be concerned about that, I'm seeing it and I'm understanding how much..." But before Stokes has the chance to finish her thought, Graham stops her workout, and while seriously out of breath, she heads over to the trainer to show her visibly red chest. "Wear the right bra, ladies!" she yells at the camera. "This is not cute." (Related: Watch Ashley Graham Prove That Cardio Doesn't Have to Suck)

While Graham doesn't reveal what bra she was wearing at the time, she did share two of her go-to brands for all her big-boobed girls out there. First up is the Enell Women's High Impact Sports Bra (Buy It, $66). Its wide, non-stretch straps are great for support and movement control, and its moisture-wicking fabric is perfect for keeping you cool during intense workouts. Not to mention, Graham has sung its praises before. Take a look:

The model also swears by Knixwear sports bras, which are known for their seamless and wireless design, and they're seriously dependable when it comes to providing maximum support. Still need help finding a sports bra that fits? Here's what to know before buying a sports bra, according to the people who design them.