The covergirl and swimsuit designer talks getting red carpet ready and shows us a thing or two about twerking

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: June 21, 2016
Getty Images

By now, supermodel Ashley Graham has become a household name. Which isn't at all surprising considering the fact that since walking into the national spotlight as the first ever plus size model to grace the cover of Sport's Illustrated's iconic swimsuit issue earlier this year, the 30-year-old smokeshow has also made her music video debut as Joe Jonas' muse in DNCE's "Toothbrush" video, and debuted her own line of swimwear for plus size women in collaboration with Swimsuits For All. No big deal or anything.

And thanks to a new video from Vogue, we got a sneak peak into what it's actually like to be a megamodel and mogul on the rise.

In "36 Hours With Ashley Graham," the model and designer gets real about what her whirlwind life is like as she jets from a fitting with Michael Kors in New York City to host the Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas (where she asks real questions about race and unrealistic body standards) and all the way back to the east coast to attend the CFDA Awards. "Everything that I do is about size and I'm really excited for the day when nothing has to be about size anymore," she says. (Model Ashley Graham Has a Problem with the 'Plus-Size' Label.)

But even amidst her seriously empowering crusade, Graham still finds time to show off her hilariously entertaining pre-red carpet "workout" complete with some a-game twerking and a strip tease for Michael Kors (seriously).

"You don't really have to work out or exercise when you wear a lot of diamonds," Graham jokes. "You just kind of like lift your hands up and down. That's how I get red carpet ready."

If trading in our dumbells for some diamonds will get us anywhere near Graham's level, sign us up ASAP. Talk about #GOALS.



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