In hindsight, Curry says her breast augmentation was a "rash decision".


Ayesha Curry is many things: a Food Network host, cookbook author, entrepreneur, a mom of three, the wife to one lucky Golden State Warriors star (Stephen Curry), and the face of CoverGirl.

Having spent years in the spotlight, the young mom has often been open about her personal life, sharing how she manages all her different roles and makes time for self-care.

Recently though, Curry talked about her struggle with mental health in an interview with Working Mother and admitted to "battling a bit of postpartum [depression]" after having her second baby, Ryan, who's now 3 years old. (Related: Subtle Signs of Postpartum Depression You Shouldn't Ignore)

Curry said she was "depressed" about the way her body looked at the time, which led her to make "a rash decision" to get a breast augmentation.

"The intention was just to have them lifted," she explained. But, unfortunately, the surgery didn't go as planned. "I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet," she said. "They're worse now than they were before."

While Curry believes that plastic surgery is a personal decision, her experience helped her realize that it simply wasn't for her. "I'm an advocate of if something makes you happy, who cares about the judgment?" she said. "[But] I would never do anything like that again." (Related: 6 Things I Learned From My Botched Boob Job)

Now, Curry says she finds confidence through her career and kids. "[Being a working mom] makes me feel like I can take on anything," she said. "The little things that used to seem like problems aren't problems at all anymore. Things roll off my back more easily."

Major kudos to Curry for not only sharing such an uncomfortable experience with the world but for having the perspective to recognize that plastic surgery does make some people happy, even if she happens to not be one of them.


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