Can politics really make you eat more?

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan
Updated: April 20, 2017

Everyone has their ways of reacting to stress, and if you're unhappy with the current administration, chances are you've found some ways to cope over the last few months. Many women have turned to yoga, some are getting involved in causes they're passionate about, and others, like Lena Dunham, have sadly lost their appetites. Barbra Streisand's way of dealing? Stress eating.

Streisand, long known for her liberal stance on all things political, has admitted more than once that the newly minted POTUS has frustrated her. Take one look at her Twitter feed and you'll see it's filled with political commentary, but one tweet caught our eye in particular. On Saturday, Streisand penned the following tweet, citing that the 45th President is actually making her pack on some extra pounds thanks to a whole bunch of stress eating.

Political affiliations aside, anyone can feel stressed when their entire newsfeed is filled with heated arguments and political debate. If you think you might be stress eating like Streisand, identifying the problem-like she did in this tweet (probably without even realizing it)-is step one. Pinpoint the exact reason why you want to dive into that bag of chips (or whip up a stack of pancakes), and you'll be able to exercise more control. And when all else fails, may we suggest these healthy pancake recipes?



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