Bebe Rexha Just Had the Most Relatable Response to Seeing Photos of Herself

"I'm trying to be healthy and respect what God gave me...I mean, look, I'm thick, okay? I'm a thick girl. That's how I was born."

If you've ever looked at a photo of yourself and immediately zoomed in on the areas you perceived to have "flaws," you're far from alone. Bebe Rexha took to Instagram on Thursday to open up about recent paparazzi photos she seems to find unflattering that were taken of her on a beach vacation with her boyfriend, sharing that she finds it "hard to love [herself] sometimes."

In her Instagram Stories, Rexha was sporting the same black one-piece Versace bathing suit she was photographed wearing, while standing naturally, lying down, and giving viewers a spin. It was clear she wanted to show her millions of followers what her body looked like IRL — with no filters or strategically chosen angles.

Infusing her signature brand of bluntness, the 31-year-old singer noted, "I've definitely got thighs, I got ass. But here's what I f*cking look like in my bathing's my body, no filters."

All wit aside, though, Rexha then shared, "It's just really hard because I find it hard to love myself sometimes. And when you see yourself looking like shit, it's like, yes, I got stretch marks, I got cellulite, all of the above." She added, "I'm trying to be healthy and respect what God gave me...I mean, look, I'm thick, okay? I'm a thick girl. That's how I was born."

While Rexha does not owe anyone an explanation for her body — shape, size, stretch marks, you name it — her reaction to the shots is totally relatable. I mean, who hasn't seen a photo of themselves and stressed over, say, a "bad" angle or found it hard to feel themselves? It's completely natural to then go down a rabbit hole analyzing your body and finding it increasingly difficult to completely love what you see. But Rexha's response — owning what she's got and appreciating her body as it is — is a great perspective to keep in mind if you find yourself in this negative place.

ICYMI, this isn't the first time that Rexha's gotten candid about her body image. In September, she shared that she recently "gained some lbs," but instead of criticizing herself, she used it as an opportunity to go that much harder at the gym — not to necessarily lose weight but to feel good about herself. So there's another Rexha-approved way to love yo-self: sweat out the self-hate.

The pop queen is no stranger to clapping back against society's unrealistic body expectations, whether she's shutting down an Instagram troll for telling her to lose weight or sharing unedited bikini shots to emphasize the sentiment that all bodies are "good" bodies — no matter what society's standards try to tell you. And even if one photo's got you down, it's worth remembering that it's really just that: a single snapshot of all the things that make you who you are...and, spoiler alert, they're all fabulous.

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