"I think it's super rude to make comments about someone's weight."

By Arielle Tschinkel
November 17, 2020
Credit: Rich Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

By now, it should go without saying that it's never okay to comment on someone else's body, no matter who they are or how you know them — yes, even if they're super famous.

Case in point: Bebe Rexha. She recently opened up her Instagram Stories to a Q&A session with her followers, most of whom asked the important questions: which Britney Spears songs are her favorites, what career she'd have if she weren't a singer, and so on. But one person decided to body shame Rexha in their question, asking the singer why she is "getting fat" (*eye roll*). (Related: ICYDK, Body Shaming Is an International Problem)

Rexha initially responded to the troll by simply reminding them that her weight is "none of [their] business" (or anyone else's, for that matter).

But in a later IG Story, Rexha addressed the question further. "I think it's super rude to make comments about someone's weight," she wrote.

She also aptly pointed out that it's never okay to make assumptions about someone's body, as you never know what they might be dealing with behind the scenes. "I take meds for my health that actually make me gain weight," Rexha wrote, adding that she's "always" struggled with "self-love." (Related: Do Antidepressants Cause Weight Gain? Here's What You Need to Know)

Of course, neither Rexha nor anyone else — famous or otherwise — owes anyone an explanation for their appearance. But considering Rexha has consistently been open with fans, on her own terms, about her ups and downs with body image and mental health, it's especially uncool when people openly speculate about and judge what she looks like. (ICYMI, Rexha's also been candid about her bipolar disorder diagnosis.)

It's Rexha's signature candor that resonates above all when it comes to tackling trolls. She's shut down body-shamers on social media multiple times, telling one to "be more accepting" and "work on [their] own self-hate." (And remember when she called out designers who refused to dress her for the Grammys because of her size? Iconic.)

She's also honest about the fact that body acceptance doesn't always come easily. After seeing recent paparazzi photos of herself in a bathing suit, she got candid about some of her insecurities. "I find it hard to love myself sometimes," she said in an Instagram Story. "And when you see yourself looking like shit, it's like, yes, I got stretch marks, I got cellulite, all of the above."

But even when she's having a hard time with her body image, Rexha said she knows that, above all, it's most important to "be healthy" and embrace the body she was born with. "I mean, look, I'm thick, okay? I'm a thick girl," she said. "That's how I was born."


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