Bebe Rexha Talks Mental Health and Feeling 'Self-Conscious' About Her Thighs with Paris Hilton

The singer discussed body image and writing music about her bipolar disorder on Paris Hilton's podcast.

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In February, Paris Hilton added podcast host to her CV, launching a show titled This Is Paris. The 40-year-old icon, who recently got engaged to venture capitalist Carter Reum, has used her new platform to speak with friends, family, and a multitude of unexpected guests about topics related to beauty, wellness, relationships, pop culture, and more.

In the latest episode of her show, Hilton sat down with Bebe Rexha to have an in-depth conversation about self image. The model and DJ also highlighted how Rexha has used her lyrics to bring more awareness to mental health problems in the U.S.

"I love when people lift each other up," Hilton told Rexha during the episode. "That's like one thing I've learned during quarantine is being compassionate with yourself," the singer responded. "Like, don't be hard on yourself and show yourself love." (

Rexha went on to say that while it's nice to compliment others, it's equally important to compliment yourself. "It's corny, but it works," Rexha said. To further elaborate on what she meant, the body positive advocate recounted a vulnerable moment she had while on set at a recent photoshoot.

While getting ready, Rexha said she started feeling self-conscious about her thighs. "I was like, 'I feel like my thighs got so big, [but] then, I was like, 'You know what? I love myself even with my big thighs right now, and [even though] I've gained some weight.'" (

Rexha has been a long-time vocal — and honest — advocate of body positivity. Earlier this year, she took to Instagram to show off her figure in a thong swimsuit to remind fans that all bodies are beautiful. In 2019, she posted another bikini photo, sharing that she chose not to Photoshop it and arguing that photo editing has skewed people's perception of reality.

Rexha isn't just candid in her social media posts but also in her lyrics as well, something Hilton pointed out during their interview. "I feel like you're singing about what most people think about but are too afraid to say in real life," said Hilton.

In particular, Hilton was referring to Rexha's single, "Break My Heart Myself" from her second album, Better Mistakes, in which Rexha sings about living with bipolar disorder. "I wish more pop songs had lyrics like that," says Rexha during the podcast. "So I'm super proud of that song. That's why it's one of my favorites."

In an interview with Gayle King for CBS This Morning back in May, Rexha revealed that someone at her then-record label had cautioned that the mental health theme of her single "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" was "too much" and "too heavy." However, in a tweet she shared that she didn't hold anything back in her second album, no matter what anyone had to say.

The potential impact of Rexha's lyrics isn't lost on Hilton. "I love that because I think that a lot of people are going through that," shared Hilton in the episode. "I know a lot of people who have [bipolar] disorder...and there's a stigma around it. You're making people proud that they can talk about it."

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