Even pop royalty needs to follow doctor's orders.

By Julia Malacoff
February 24, 2017

Beyoncé will no longer be performing at Coachella. And, yeah, the internet is freaking out (as it does whenever Beyoncé does *anything*). We agree that it's a major bummer.

Just a few weeks ago, Beyoncé announced that she's pregnant with twins. Shortly after the initial excitement, fans who shelled out major cash to see her headline this year's festival began to worry about whether she'd actually be able to perform considering that she's currently carrying not one, but two babies. If you've ever seen a Beyoncé performance, you know that they're pretty strenuous. No matter how fit she is, all that non-stop dancing has got to be tough while pregnant. (Ever wondered if a six-pack while pregnant is unhealthy? We found out.)

TMZ came to the rescue for these concerned fans by reporting that she would definitely still be performing, based on the fact that they got word she had booked guest appearances by other performers to appear during her shows at the festival. Sadly, it seems like those plans have come to a screeching halt based on something super important: doctor's orders.

Just this morning, a joint statement was released by Beyoncé's company Parkwood Entertainment and Goldenvoice (the company that produces Coachella) saying: "Following the advice of her doctors to keep a less rigorous schedule in the coming months, Beyoncé has made the decision to forgo performing at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. However, Goldenvoice and Parkwood are pleased to confirm that she will be a headliner at the 2018 festival. Thank you for your understanding."

Oof. You can't argue with that, especially since pregnancies with twins are at a higher risk for complications like preterm birth. Prolonged dancing, singing, and extensive travel are probably not on the list of things it's a good idea to do while trying to keep a less hectic schedule.

On the bright side, the other two headliners of the festival are Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead, so you're still in for an amazing set of shows if you bought Coachella tix. And hey, now you have an excuse to go next year too.