Queen B worked up a sweat for Michelle Obama's great cause. Watch the impressive video, and find out how you can support #GimmieFive

By Rachael Schultz
Splash News

The only thing we love more than a sneak peak into how Sasha Fierce stays fit is seeing our favorite celebs help out with a good cause. Beyoncé Instagrammed a video of her workout yesterday to help celebrate the fifth anniversary of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.

The First Lady marked the date by asking stars to share their five favorite moves or habits to stay healthy. Beyoncé stepped up to the plate in typical Queen Bey style: making an impressive feat (like rounds of weighted jabs, weighted v-sits, and lateral step-ups) look effortless. The singer topped off her sped-up #GimmeFive routine with a soundtrack of the mother of all motivation songs, Eye of the Tiger-all while looking flawless sweating in a simple t-shirt and leggings.

The celebration of the First Lady's campaign to help motivate kids to move more is only two days old, but celebrities are already jumping on board. Among those who have accepted the #GimmieFive challenge are Ryan Seacreat, Mario Lopez, and Jack Johnson, and after the buzz surrounding Beyoncé's post, we hope all of America follows suit.

Don't believe five moves can score you a Bee bod? It can if you're following the right routine. Try one of these and Instagram your own #GimmieFive routine.

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