Bow down to the queen.

By Faith Brar
February 12, 2017

Beyoncé just gave the performance of a lifetime at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, her first public appearance since announcing she is pregnant with twins a few weeks ago.

Her set was both memorable and empowering as she proudly embraced her baby bump and dedicated the show to the celebration of motherhood.

It started with Bey's mother, Tina Knowles who announced her daughter before she took the stage. "I'm blessed to have daughters-wonderful daughters-all of whom make me proud with everything they do," she began. "I am proud of their accomplishments, their self-confidence, and their desire to make a difference. What makes me most proud-and why I'm here tonight to introduce Beyoncé-is the devotion and love I see in her for her daughter and the way she has always expressed love to all of those around her."

Wearing a floor-length sheer golden gown highlighting her baby bump and a crown fit for a queen, the singer appeared on stage asking: "Do you remember being born? Are you thankful for the hips that cracked, the deep velvet of your mother and her mother and her mother?"

In the background on a giant screen, the audience saw several images alluding to motherhood including pictures of three generations of Beyoncé's family-her mother and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyoncé gracefully spent her nine minutes on stage singing "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles," while her mother, daughter, and husband Jay-Z watched proudly in the crowd. Slay, Bey.


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