This is not a baby shower, people.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: May 22, 2017

Beyoncé makes carrying twins look downright glamorous, posting belly pics so beautiful they're considered works of art, and tastefully accessorizing her bump with gold chains and spiked crowns (as one does). And this weekend she continued her reign as the goddess of fertility by hosting a "push party." The lavish affair featured bright colors, animal prints, headwraps, henna tattoos, dancing, and plenty of celebrity friends to honor the impending arrival of the already-famous babes. Seriously, look at this gorgeousness:

But wait, what's a push party, exactly? If you were confused by this term, we don't blame you. There are lots of parties associated with having a baby-pregnancy announcement parties, gender reveal parties, birth parties, and, of course, baby showers-but the Carter Push Party seemed to be none of these things.

A push party is different from a baby shower or other fetus-themed celebrations in several important ways, according to Vogue Australia. First off, people of both genders are invited, as opposed to the traditional female-only showers. In addition, many women feel like they should only have a shower for their first baby as that's when they need to stock the nursery, but a push party is a great way for a mom to celebrate and enjoy time with her friends before her new baby comes without it looking like a gift grab. It's also a party more geared to the needs of the mom, rather than those of the baby, focused on bringing together a loving community rather than just providing clothing and diapers (which, let's be honest, Beyoncé has no problem purchasing).

One last important thing to note: A push party doesn't replace a push present and we are guessing Jay-Z already has something fabulous lined up.



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