Find out how much weight you should ~ really ~ gain during pregnancy

By Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal

Blac Chyna is following the lead of sister-in-law-to-be Kim Kardashian and getting very real about the numbers on the scale during her pregnancy. Reportedly due around October with her first child with fiance Rob Kardashian (she has an almost 4-old son with ex-boyfriend Tyga), Blac Chyna took to Snapchat to make some candid revelations about her weight, People reports.

"So I weighed in I'm 183lbs, and loving it! So far I gained 48lbs," she wrote on the Snap. "My goal weight after the baby will be 130lbs–I was 135lbs b4 the baby. I truly believe I will be 200lbs when I delivery [sic] that's 17lbs away."

This isn't the first time that Blac Chyna has publicly stated she wanted to gain a great deal of weight during this pregnancy-which is pretty much the opposite goal of every other pregnant woman out there. In June, she said in a Snapchat video, "Like, no lie, my goal is to gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy. I'mma tear it up, and then I'mma snap back."

But this is not a safe goal for Blac Chyna or her unborn baby. "This extreme weight gain puts Blac Chyna at risk for gestational diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, emergency cesarean section, and premature labor," says Sherry Ross, OB/GYN and women's health expert practicing at Providence St. John's Hospital.

As an overall rule of thumb, the recommended weight gain for a normal weight woman (BMI of 18.5 to 25) is 25 to 35 pounds. If you're overweight with a BMI of 25 to 30 when you become pregnant, the recommended weight gain is 15 to 25 pounds. If you're underweight with a BMI of less than 18, the recommended weight gain is 28 to 40 pounds. "In general, you'll need to consume 100 to 300 more calories a day to meet the needs of your growing baby (that's not exactly doubling your diet to 'eat for two')," says Ross. So some basic math reveals that perhaps Blac Chyna should rethink her goals.

And even though she revealed earlier this summer that she's going to get her post-baby body back with a "Strict diet/Waist training/Detox Tea/Working out," a healthy pregnancy makes it a whole lot easier to be healthy post-pregnancy. We just hope Blac Chyna is under the watchful eye of her doctor.

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October 18, 2018
I have always been what most would consider a “big girl”. In January 2018, I weighed 180 lbs, which is quite overweight for a woman my height. I wasn’t always this weight though. In my teenage years, I weighed only 140 pounds and I felt much healthier and happier. I strived desperately over the years to get back to this weight. But with a stressful and busy work life, I struggled... continue here