She shared her entire baby registry on Amazon.

By Arielle Tschinkel
October 17, 2019
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ICYMI, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their third child earlier this summer, with People confirming the news in October after the couple's red carpet pregnancy announcement at the premiere for Reynolds' movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu in May. While no details were given about their new baby at the time, Reynolds seemingly confirmed their new daughter's arrival in a tweet this week, in which he urged that Canadians vote in favor of climate policy: "I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground I grew up in," he wrote.

Reynolds shared an adorable shot of himself and Lively with their new daughter, whose face was blurred out, in the forest in British Columbia, Canada. Though he didn't reveal their new baby's name, the couple is known for keeping their other daughters, James and Inez, largely out of the spotlight, only bringing them to one public appearance so far. (Related: Why Blake Lively Wants the Celebration Of the 'Post-Baby Body' to Stop)

But Lively has been open about motherhood ever since welcoming her and Reynolds' first daughter, James, in 2014. Now, the Gossip Girl alum has partnered with Amazon to share some of her top baby essentials as she prepares to become a mom of three.

Lively's baby registry features plenty of newborn products, from diapers and wipes to her favorite infant car seat. But she also shared a few self-care basics (and treats) for new moms, writing: "It's easier to take care of everyone else instead of ourselves. But it all starts with us mamas."

First up: Lively relies on Burt's Bees' Baby Multipurpose Ointment (Buy It, $9, as a nourishing, natural skin soother that's ideal for both a baby and their mama. The ointment provides the skin with a barrier against dryness and irritation, whether applied to prevent and heal diaper rash, protect skin from the elements, or on mom as a makeup remover and moisturizer. (Related: These Are Blake Lively's Absolute Favorite Beauty Products of All Time)

The ointment is also formulated without phthalates (a known hormone disruptor used in personal products to help prolong scents), parabens (another hormone disruptor used as a preservative in cosmetics), petrolatum (a generally safe moisturizing agent that can sometimes be mixed with toxic chemicals in product processing), or SLS (a type of sulfate, a cleaning agent that can cause dryness and irritation). Instead, it's made with shea butter, a natural fat that's widely regarded as safe for babies and adults alike, as well as coconut oil and beeswax.

Lively included the ointment in her registry as a diapering essential, but it can be just as hydrating from nose to toes for those suffering from skin changes during and after pregnancy, such as dry skin, which can happen when pregnancy hormones strip skin of its natural oils and elasticity, leaving it flaky, itchy, and uncomfortable. Bottom line: We're not surprised it's one of Lively's must-haves. (Related: What's the Difference Between Clean and Natural Beauty Products?)

The Simple Favor star also included Lavanila's The Healthy Deodorant (Buy It, $22 for a 2-pack, in her baby registry, in the brand's signature vanilla lavender scent.

Since it's extra important for expecting moms to be aware of what they're putting on and in their bodies, Lavanila's natural deodorant is a great choice. It's free of both parabens and aluminum, the latter of which is commonly found in deodorants and antiperspirants and can block the skin's pores.

The deodorant gives off a warm, floral scent while nourishing skin with soothing aloe and lemon peel oil, which helps to cleanse the skin and remove bacteria. Without the harsh chemicals found in other deodorants out there, Lively and other new moms can feel good about swiping this on each day. Many reviewers call it the "best natural deodorant" they've tried, with many praising its benefits for sensitive skin types in particular.

Lively's registry also revealed that she likes to sip on Traditional Medicinals' Organic Mother's Milk (Buy It, $26 for 6 boxes,, a tea that helps promote breast milk production for nursing mothers, with a sweet licorice taste thanks to a unique blend of herbs and spices including fennel, anise, coriander, fenugreek and blessed thistle.

Staying hydrated is especially important for breastfeeding mamas, as it can help them produce more breast milk. Some studies suggest that the ingredients in mother's milk tea, including fenugreek, can help stimulate milk production safely, though many of the benefits are anecdotal—so as with any supplement, you'll want to check with your doctor before adding it to your daily routine. (Related: 23 Celebrities Who've Gotten Real About Breastfeeding)

Lively isn't the only celeb relying on fenugreek and mother's milk tea to help her breastfeed. Last year, Sister Sister star Tia Mowry shared that she struggled to breastfeed her baby Cree due to low milk supply. She relied on "lots of teas, water, fenugreek, and a high protein diet" to help with her second baby, Cairo.

With thousands of five-star reviews, Traditional Medicinals' Organic Mother's Milk Tea has been praised by both new parents raving about improved milk production, and even women who've tried the tea for "unbearable" menstrual cramps, making it a soothing self-care essential for anyone who needs a piping hot cuppa during a few moments of relaxation.


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