This athlete might be worse than your freshman year college roommate

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: August 16, 2016
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It turns out the Olympic committee may have been smart to stock the Athlete Village with 450,000 condoms. A Brazilian synchronized diving duo just went their separate ways after a dispute over a "marathon sex session", according to the New York Post. (Apparently, it isn't so tough to hook up on twin beds after all?!)

Ingrid Oliveira allegedly kicked her teammate Giovanna Pedroso out of their shared Olympic Village dorm room the *night before* their 10-meter synchronized event, in order to shack up with an Olympic canoeist for the night. Pedroso was reportedly forced to spend the whole night "wandering around outside her room," and the pair finished in eighth (and last) place the next day.

"I have been waiting for four years to be present at the Olympics," Pedroso told Brazil's O Globo newspaper. "And for her, it was better to have fun and therefore threw me out of the room." Pedroso went on to explain that post-Rio, she'll be going solo, so she won't need to "depend on anyone."

Oliveira also confirmed the split with a glossed-over version of events. "We leave differences behind and we talked normally," she told O Globo. "From today I will not jump synchronized with her."

Pedroso and Oliveira were previously close friends whose Instagram accounts were littered with photos with each other, Cosmo reports. But now they've gone the way of many celeb breakups, deleting all trace of their happy diving times together from their accounts.

We can only be grateful that spats with our friends at 17 and 20-years-old weren't national news.



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