GLOW and Captain Marvel fans are so here for this workout.

By Renee Cherry
September 04, 2018

The worlds of GLOW and Captain Marvel collided when Alison Brie and Brie Larson came together for a workout. Over LDW, the women posted a photo of themselves, each holding a dumbbell and looking fierce. They both cracked jokes about their shared name in their IG captions: "ALISON BRIE LARSON is coming for ya," and "It's like you're dreaming about gorgonzola cheese when it's clearly BRIE TIME, BABY. " (ICYMI, the first picture of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel is here and it's totally badass.)

Naturally, the internet completely geeked out over the Brie2 picture. "Alison Brie Larson, I've waited my entire life for this," one person commented on Larson's post. " The crossover I never knew I needed!" another wrote. (Related: Why Brie Larson Didn't Applaud for Casey Affleck After His Oscar Win)

Both women train really hard for their roles, so it makes complete sense that the two went in for a joint session. In preparing for Captain Marvel, Larson has been powering through weighted push-ups, pull-ups, and 400-lb hip thrusts. And if this pic of her sprawled on the floor is any indication, she leaves nothing in the tank. To train for GLOW, Brie tackled 80-lb split squats, pull-ups, and weighted sled pulls. They both train with Jason Walsh, founder of Rise Nation, who's pictured with them. (Here are more celebrities who aren't afraid to break a sweat.)

They didn't share any deets about their recent workout, but with the two of them strength training together, it must've been epic.