Brie Larson's New Hobby Is Archery and of Course, She's a Natural

Is there anything the Captain Marvel star can't do?

Photo: Getty Images

Captain Marvel is channeling her inner-Katniss Everdeen.

The 31-year-old actress took to Instagram on Wednesday and showcased her new summer activity: archery. "My hobby appears to be taking up new hobbies," quipped Larson on social media.

In a separate post shared Wednesday on Twitter, Larson is seen holding a bow and arrow in one photo while posing next to a target in the other. And, from the looks of Larson's Instagram Story, it appears she had a direct hit in the middle.

Larson's new hobby naturally piqued the interest of her Instagram followers, with everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Peloton's Ally Love weighing in. "Wait !! What??!!" exclaimed Witherspoon in the comments while newlywed Love dropped three "fire" emojis.

Others also joked that Larson's new skillset could give another Avenger a run for his money. "My queen is both Hawkeye and Captain Marvel, the power," shared one fan on Instagram, referencing Jeremy Renner's character Hawkeye, who is an ace with a bow and arrow.

Although it appears Larson is just having some fun in the great outdoors, target archery is quite the discipline. Those participating have to shoot at stationary circular targets set at specific distances, according to World Archery's official website, which could be nearly 300 feet away. Target archery is also recognized at the Olympic and Paralympic Games as well.

Larson, who is gearing up for her return as Carol Danvers in next year's film, The Marvels, has been keeping busy in recent months. Whether she's virtually checking in on pal Tracee Ellis Ross or crushing through sets of Bulgarian split squats, the Oscar-winning actress is sweating the days away — literally — as summer 2021 continues to wind down.

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