It's all about the balance, people!

By Moira Lawler
Updated: July 26, 2016

Everyone needs a break from a rigid diet every now and then (those kale chips can only take you so far before you crave a real chip, you know?). Same goes for Britney Spears. The pop star, who just released her new single Make Me with G-Eazy, posted an Instagram photo over the weekend capturing an outing to The Cheesecake Factory with her two boys, Jayden James and Sean Preston, and one mystery fellow. Anyone who's ever been to the chain restaurant knows the book of a menu (seriously, it goes on forever!) can lead to a pretty random order. For the Spears crew, that meant French fries, Caesar salad, and corn dogs. #nojudgment (Psst...Here's Why Treating Yourself Is the #1 Secret to a Healthy Diet.)

But Spears didn't let the meal put her in couch-potato mode for the rest of the day. Just hours later, she posted an Instagram video showing her working off The Cheesecake Factory feast in the fiercest way possible. In the video, you can catch her speed walking on a treadmill while simultaneously doing dumbbell shoulder presses like a boss. "After Cheesecake Factory you do this... Treadmill and weights," she captioned the post, which also features her incredibly bouncy bun. Not only does this make us love her even more because we can totally relate, but we're all about the message she's sharing: In a balanced, healthy lifestyle, there's a place for eating the foods your body craves and moving your butt.

Oh, and did we mention she looks insanely strong as she rocks out to Blurred Lines in the video? Get it, Brit.



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