Busy Philipps Just Made the Case for Picking Up a Sport As an Adult—Even If You've Never Played It

She recently shared a video of herself playing tennis while her daughter, Cricket cheered her on behind the camera.

Busy Philipps is proving that it's never too late to get passionate about a new sport. The actress and comedian took to Instagram over the weekend to share a video of herself playing tennis—a sport she recently picked up after feeling discouraged about it in the past, she wrote in the caption of her post.

"Whenever anyone asks if I played sports in high school, my joke is always that I did plays and drugs instead, which is less of a joke and more just totally one hundred percent true," Philipps wrote alongside the video. (

Philipps shared that she'd actually never played a sport past fifth-grade softball, which also happened to be the only sport she'd ever tried in her childhood. But tennis is something that's sparked her interest for a while, she wrote in her post. (Did you know that Busy Philipps found her love of exercise after being asked to lose weight for a part?)

"I've always wanted to play tennis but I let a dumb thing someone said to me five years ago discourage me from taking lessons," Philipps shared on Instagram. "But in April, my friend Sarah invited me to join her lesson and I became obsessed. And anyway! Tennis is the greatest."

Philipps' video shows her doing about a minute of drills while her daughter Cricket cheers her on behind the camera. "Go, go, go! Move move move!" Cricket is heard saying as Philipps practices her forehand and backhand. "Some of my shots suck and some are kinda great but the BEST is [Cricket's] little commentary at the end of the video," the 40-year-old mom wrote alongside the video. "And also that I finally play a sport!!!" (Here's how Busy Philipps is teaching her daughters body confidence.)

Picking up a new sport as an adult might seem intimidating. But research shows it can really help you win at life: For instance, a 2013 survey of over 800 male and female senior managers and executives found that the vast majority of high-level female execs (including CEOs) have participated in a competitive sport at some point in their lives. What's more, researchers from Deakin University in Australia say that playing sports can help you view winning and losing (both in the heat of a game and throughout life in general) from a healthier perspective, improving your resilience and self-awareness in the process.

Participating in a sport can help to elevate other aspects of your life, too. Retired professional golfer, Annika Sörenstam told us that playing sports can not only help you gain mental toughness, but it can also challenge you to master new skills and focus on the future—all things that come in handy in the workplace and everyday life.

BTW, you don't have to start young to excel in a new sport (or reap the long-term benefits that come with it). Numerous pro athletes found their sport of choice much later in life. Take world champion mountain biker, Rebecca Rusch for example. "I'm living proof that it's never too late to learn a new sport and get really good at it," Rusch, who admitted she was terrified of mountain biking at the start of her career, previously told Shape. "Everyone should expand their sporting horizons." (Here's why you should try a new adventure sport even if it scares you.)

If you're feeling inspired, Rusch recommends taking the time to educate yourself about the sport you want to try. "Solicit expert advice via a coach, a local club, or a friend who's already involved in the sport," she told us. "Just a few sessions with an expert will save hours of fumbling and learning the lessons yourself the hard way."

As for Philipps, she seems to already be heeding that advice: She's been playing tennis consistently since she started taking lessons with a coach last April, she wrote in her Instagram post. Not only is she slaying backhands left and right, but she's also been making sure to seize every opportunity to wear some seriously cute tennis outfits (naturally).

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