Attention, spring breakers!!!

By Lauren Mazzo

Spring is, arguably, prime sunburn time. Spring breakers and people who need a break from the drab AF winter weather are flocking to warm and sunny climates-and exposing their sheltered winter skin to the sun's rays for the first time in months.

While you might be tempted to forgo sunscreen in favor of scoring a deeper tan, Caitlyn Jenner's latest Instagram will have you rethinking that strategy real fast.

She posted this photo of her healing nose with the caption: "I recently had to get some sun damage removed from my nose. PSA-always wear your sunblock!" People have been sharing their get-well wishes, plus their own experiences with mole removal and skin cancer, and their thanks for the health reminder in the comments. While it's unclear exactly what kind of damage Jenner had removed, the takeaway is clear: Wear your damn sunscreen.

Jenner isn't the first one in the family to speak out about sun safety: Khloé Kardashian opened up about her skin cancer scares and the moles she's had removed, including one that was indeed cancerous. (Which isn't the biggest surprise, since female skin cancer rates have been skyrocketing.)

Since this photo definitely has you scared in the direction of the nearest sunscreen bottle, use these tips to stay safe and save your skin:

  1. Use sunscreen. Every day, year-round. The kind that actually works.
  2. When you're in the sun for an extended period, use these guidelines for staying sun-safe.
  3. Monitor your moles using the ABCDE guidelines provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and this dermatologist's guide to the types of skin cancer and how to detect them. (Getting a skin screening at the end of summer can't hurt either.)

The tan you get that lasts two weeks won't be worth a scar like this-or skin cancer-promise. (Still not convinced? One woman shared shocking photos to show you what tanning does to your skin.)


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