The actress wrote an Instagram post about no longer trying to fight the natural shape of her body.
Photo: Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

Camila Mendes has made quite a few statements about body positivity that are worthy of a "hell yeah!" Some highlights: She's declared that she's done with dieting, shouted out Outdoor Voices for hiring models with "flaws," and admitted she still struggles to love her own belly sometimes. Now, Mendes has written a lengthy Instagram post about learning to find beauty in her body instead of striving to fight its natural shape.

In light of NEDA's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (which ended on Sunday), Mendes wrote about the process of changing how she saw her own body. It began about a year ago when she decided to stop dieting once and for all. "I was never concerned with weight and numbers, but I cared a lot about having a flat tummy, no cellulite, and those 'give that girl a sandwich' arms that make you look slender from every angle," she wrote. Once she stopped dieting, she shifted her focus to health measures like her vegetable intake and sleep patterns. At the same time, she started giving herself permission to make "bad choices" that were forbidden while dieting, she explained. (Mendes partially credits Ashley Graham for inspiring her to stop obsessing over being skinny.)

She explains that she used to diet out of fear of gaining weight. But since stopping, she still looks more or less the same, she revealed in the post. "I've finally accepted that this shape is the shape my body wants to live in. You will never win the war against your genetic makeup!"

Like every human, Mendes occasionally lets the self-doubt and body critiques slide back in. But when she does, she gives herself the best personal reminder: "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but whenever I struggle, I always come back to this: Why should I care to look like a runway model when my curves got me lookin' like a damn fertile, renaissance goddess." Mic drop.