How Camila Mendes Is Finding Peace Amid the Pandemic

To the actor, self-care means bubble baths and puppy snuggles.

Camila Mendes
Photo: Jacopo M. Raule/Getty

"I've taken three baths in the last two weeks," Camila Mendes says from her home in Vancouver, British Columbia, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Normally, while shooting the hit TV series Riverdale, her days are grueling. But now, the 25-year-old has an opportunity to spend time at the place she feels the happiest: home. "For as long as I can remember, I've just been going from place to place and I've never really had the chance to settle down," says Mendes. "The last two weeks I really started to appreciate my home and living in it a little bit. And now I have a chance to figure out how I like to live and what I need to feel good," she says.

One of those self-care practices? Spending time with her pup. "I'm organizing and taking care of my adopted dog, Truffle, who makes me feel less stressed immediately," she says. "And I've made a bubble bath playlist that's filled with songs by Kelsey Lu and Frank Ocean."

Mendes isn't afraid to break out the tunes–and moves from her days as dancer–when she wants to unwind, either. "I just love music so much, I love singing, and I danced for eight years," she says. "So I have a very physical connection to music and I love losing myself in a song and just listening to every word."

When she's not soaking in the tub or jamming out, Mendes is using her downtime to focus on her skin, which became a necessity once she became a leading actor. "Working long hours and wearing a lot of makeup on set has not done my skin well," she says.

Her days start with a face massage. "I use a refrigerated rose quartz roller (Angela Caglia La Vie en Rose Face Roller, Buy It, $65, to de-puff. I also take a Bend Beauty Anti-Aging Formula supplement (Buy It, $80,," she says.

There are two feel-good things from her typical routine that the star has continued to prioritize at home: "I've been using Secret deodorant for as long as I can remember. I wear Secret With Essential Oils Antiperspirant, Lavender + Eucalyptus (Buy It, $8,," says Mendes, who partnered with the brand on its All Strength, No Sweat campaign. "I love that they support equal representation and compensation and opportunities for women."

Her other must: "When I'm stressed, I apply a calming lavender oil roll-on to my temples, neck, and wrists."

But her biggest stress-reliever isn't a product. It's having a positive responsibility in her life, like little Truffle. "It takes me out of my own mind–like there's this other thing that depends on me to be fed, hydrated, and loved," she says. "I feel like I immediately become less stressed because I'm no longer thinking about all the stuff in my life that there is to worry about and I'm starting to put my energy into another being. I think the most important key to managing stress is stepping out of yourself for a little bit and thinking about something else more important than you."

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