Pregnant Cardi B Channels Her Inner Olympian with Impressive Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine

FYI, Cardi isn't messing around when it comes to handling a ribbon.

Cardi B Olympics
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Will Cardi B soon be adding Olympic hopeful to her already stacked resume?

Not quite yet, but the Grammy-winning rapper, who is pregnant and expecting her second child with husband Offset, did give rhythmic gymnastics a whirl in the latest episode of her Facebook Watch Together series, Cardi Tries. The series, which can be viewed over video chat on Instagram and Messenger, along with Facebook Watch, features the 28-year-old performer trying her hand at different tasks, ranging from ballet to ranching.

For this week's physical challenge, Cardi explained to actress pal Amanda Seales — who also happens to have a background in gymnastics — that her 3-year-old daughter Kulture has expressed interest in the sport. "I am not a flexible person, however, everything that I can do I'm gonna make sure my daughter can do," said Cardi during the episode. "Now that she just turned 3, I'm gonna put her in gymnastics class. I just want her to be really flexible because being flexible always takes you a long way with everything."

Now, before you start imagining Cardi on the balance beam, a la Simone Biles, know that rhythmic gymnastics differs from artistic. Artistic gymnastics involves four core events, including the beam, the vault, uneven bars, and floor exercises, and is performed at the Olympic level by both men and women. Rhythmic gymnastics, however, is a women-only event, when athletes perform choreographed routines using four pieces of apparatus: ball, hoop, clubs, and ribbon, according to the Olympics' official website.

Cardi and Seales then train at a facility with rhythmic gymnast Natasya Generalova, who is a member of the U.S. rhythmic gymnastics national team. In the latest episode, both Cardi and Seales try their hands at all of the apparatuses, with the expecting rapper making it clear the hoop may not be for her. "You know what, I've never been a person to hula hoop, and I could tell you now, I never will be," said Cardi.

For ribbon, however, Cardi got the hang of making the twirls and spirals. "When it comes to the ribbon, it's like whipping for pancakes for like a hole hour," she said. "It's a little easier than the hula hoop." Seales, 40, then weighed in and said Cardi was delivering an "Olympic-level" performance. "You're being very, very modest," said Seales of Cardi. "It looked really good, though." (

Before calling it a day, both Cardi and Seales stepped out onto the floor one last time — in rainbow unitards and all — to show off the skills they learned from Generalova. While Seales handled the flips, Cardi took to the ribbon for more swirls. As for her next adventure, Cardi is thinking of artistic gymnastics. However, she's going to wait until after giving birth. "Right now, I can't even cross my legs together," said Cardi during the episode.

Although the 2024 Paris Games may not be on Cardi's radar quite yet, for now, the mom-to-be is staying active— and enjoying new exercises — until her due date approaches. And for her first turn as a gymnast, Cardi deserves top marks all around.

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