The star came to trainer Erin Oprea's defense after she was bullied on Facebook for squeezing in a workout at her son's soccer game

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: March 02, 2016

Whether we're squeezing in a few moves at our desks or dropping some squats while we brush our teeth, we all know there's nothing wrong with trying to eke out a quickie workout during an otherwise crazy day. In fact, it's one of the top tips fitness experts share for staying on track with your weight loss, even if you think you have literally no time to exercise.

And personal trainers, of course, subscribe to that practice as well-but this past weekend, while trainer Erin Oprea was just trying to fit in a sweat sesh, she ended up the target of social media scrutiny. In a blog post titled "I Was Bullied for Working Out," Oprea explains how after racing from work to catch her son's soccer game, she grabbed her jump rope, put on some music, and tried to squeeze in a little cardio while she watched. Unbeknownst to her, she was photographed by another player's father, who promptly posted it to Facebook, calling her out for trying to seek attention (because that's definitely why we all exercise, right? *eyeroll*) and shaming her for working out in the process.

Oprea wrote: "One of the tenets that I live by is getting creative with the moments in life that are usually done sitting down and making them as active as possible. I enjoy it, it keeps me healthy and I'm a busy professional trainer who needs to work out-many times these moments are all I get! So I bring weights to soccer practices, my phone for body weight Tabatas while waiting in between clients and a jump rope absolutely everywhere, especially to soccer games so I can get my cardio in while watching my boys kick some butt!"

Commenters immediately came out to support Oprea, including none other than Carrie Underwood, who trained with Oprea post-baby (and is a big fan and friend of Oprea's). Underwood took to her defense on Instagram, writing, "Way to go, Erin! That man obviously has a big problem...with himself. I only hope he can learn to like himself someday so he can be an adult and stop bullying others for bettering themselves!"

For the record, Underwood is all squeezing in workouts where she can too. "I will take any type of workout I can get, whenever I can get it," she told us in her October Shape cover story interview. "For me, it's the key to being happy and healthy. Though it's difficult to find spare time these days," she admitted.

And she even incorporates her adorable son Isaiah into her workouts:

Oprea doesn't seem to be phased by this clueless guy's Facebook post, and explains that she plans to keep on doing her thing, thankyouverymuch. She does, however, hope the bullying can serve an example for anyone else who isn't as brave. "This is exactly why many people don't embrace an active lifestyle in ordinary situations: They are worried that they will draw attention and, even worse, ridicule," she writes. "Keeping yourself active and healthy in any way you can should be cheered and admired! I would love to see the day when there are more people running laps around the soccer field than there are people just sitting and watching. (Keep in mind: If you want to kick back and watch the game from the bleachers, I don't judge.)"

So that settles it: Keep squeezing in those squats when and where you can, and don't shame anyone else for doing their thing-unless you want Carrie Underwood coming after you.



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