Carrie Underwood's Stress-Busting Strategy

When Carrie Underwood's looking for fun on a Friday night, you won't find her drinking in a local honky-tonk. She would much rather be bowling a few frames with her buddies. "Bowling's the perfect way to hang out with friends," says Carrie, who first learned the sport in gym class when she was a freshman at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. "I loved it so much, I bought my own shoes and have been doing it ever since." She credits the de-stressing benefits of throwing a 10-pound ball at 10 pins with keeping her calm in the midst of a busy tour schedule. "I'm not very good," Carrie admits (she usually bowls a 100 or 150). "But I recently did a charity event with some other country singers, and I got the highest score. I was so proud of myself."

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