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8 Celebs Who Ditched Their Diets and Never Looked Back

Ashley Graham


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We all know Ashley Graham for being the ultimate badass in the gym and for embracing her body as it is. But for years, the model fell trap to yo-yo dieting before realizing that a relaxed view on food is what works best for her. Now, if she treats herself, she refuses to feel guilty about it.

"Nothing about me is perfect in the way that I eat, but I always try to manage it," Graham told ABC News. "I always try to say, 'Tomorrow is a new day. If you mess up today, don’t feel guilty about it.' I’m at a comfortable weight, and I know that I look good and, more importantly, I feel good so why am I dieting? I now know what works for me.” 

Photo: Instagram/@ashleygraham 

Anne Hathaway


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Shape cover girl Anne Hathaway turned vegan nearly a decade ago, but recently, she tasted fish after feeling some peer pressure from co-star and friend Matt Damon while out to dinner in Iceland. She ended up having a piece of salmon that changed her back into a meat eater for good.

"My brain felt like a computer rebooting," she told Tatler. Last year, she told Harper's Bazaar that she felt that her veganism was holding her back. "I just didn't feel good or healthy," she said, adding that she was "not strong." After that salmon in Iceland, she "just felt better."

Photo: Instagram/@annehathaway

Camila Mendes


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Last year, Riverdale star Camila Mendes shared how she was sick of,"the toxic narrative that the media consistently feeds us: that being thin is the ideal body type." After years of having anxiety around food, Mendes decided to stop dieting after seeing a naturopath for the first time.

"She phrased a pivotal question in such a way that struck a chord with me: What other things could you be thinking about if you didn't spend all your time thinking about your diet?" Mendes wrote on Instagram. The question shifted her focus, and she stopped believing that thinness equated happiness. "A healthy body is the ideal body type, and that will look different for every person," she wrote.

Photo: Instagram/@camimendes

Padma Lakshmi


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In 2017, Padma Lakshmi penned a powerful column for The Hollywood Reporter titled "From 8,000 Calories a Day to 'Red Carpet Ready." The Top Chef host explained how every year she gains between 10 and 17 pounds while filming the show. But come award season, she tries to lose all the weight and fit into a size 0 dress.

She decided to quit the dieting cycle once and for all to set a better example for her daughter, who at just 7-years-old started to watch what she ate after following her mother's example. Now, Lakshmi could care less what her dress size is for one day on the red carpet. "It isn't nearly as important as making sure my daughter doesn't measure her worth by her dress size," she wrote.

Photo: Instagram/@padmalakshmi

Kristen Bell


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After being a staunch vegan since 2011, Kristen Bell decided to convert to vegetarianism after becoming pregnant. "During my first pregnancy, I was working and it felt like I needed more calories," she told Today. "I was pretty conscious of it." That being said, she's still pretty picky about what she puts in her body.

"I, personally, very much believe in being a conscientious eater, so when I’m eating dairy and eggs, I like to know they’re coming from a place that has humane treatment,” she said. She also isn't here to diss the vegan diet in any way. "I think being vegan is a wonderful way to live and it has great effects on the body," she said. "I also think it has really good effects on the environment.

Photo: Instagram/@kristenannebell

Demi Lovato


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Demi Lovato has become an iconic body-positive role model since opening up about her struggles with eating disorders, self-harm, addiction, and body hate. And last year, she opened up about how she gave up on dieting for good.

"No longer depriving myself of treats (in moderation) and I’m not gonna lie, I put on a couple of pounds since I’ve given up dieting BUT I’ve given up the chronic stress of what I eat because I don’t want to set that example for my fans," she tweeted at the time. "No more food shaming myself!!" She also provided support to others who've been in her shoes: "If you're struggling as well, don't forget..if I can do it, you can too." 

Photo: Instagram/@ddlovato

Savannah Guthrie

Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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The keto diet surged in popularity in 2018, which inspired Savannah Guthrie to give it a go. But contrary to celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Alicia Vikander who swear by the diet, Guthrie quickly realized that it wasn't for her. "I feel less energy in the sense that I don't want to work out anymore,'' she said on Dr. Oz. "I think I need those carbs to want to go on a run or do aerobics or do whatever I might do."

Plus, after following the diet for seven weeks, she said she didn't lose any weight. "It’s not even doing anything,” she joked on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I haven’t lost anything! I haven’t lost a thing."

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Witney Carson


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The Dancing With The Stars pro was one of the first people to speak out about the negative impact the keto diet had on her body. "I did lose weight on it, but my skin broke out," she told Women's Health last year. "I have eczema and my eczema was super, super bad. I think I have an allergy to dairy and cheese, so I try to stay away as much as I can now."

Given her allergy, Carson then switched to veganism, which wasn't sustainable for her either. She said the diet made her feel "super-light and good and energized" but realized her muscles weren't getting enough protein. Now she just sticks to eating whole foods and whatever makes her feel healthy.

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