Celebs Are Sharing Who They #StayHomeFor to Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

After Kevin Bacon kicked off the #IStayHomeFor challenge on Instagram, celebrities are now encouraging folks everywhere to do their part in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

If there's one bright spot to be found in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it's the celebrity content. Lizzo hosted a live meditation on Instagram for people feeling anxious; even Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski shared some A+ quarantine cooking lessons.

But celebs aren't just using their platforms to keep you sane and entertained. They're also spreading the word about the importance of measures like social distancing in protecting people from COVID-19.

On Wednesday, Kevin Bacon took to Instagram to start the #IStayHomeFor challenge. On one level, the movement encourages fellow celebs and regular folks alike to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommendations to stay home and maintain distance between themselves and others as much as possible.

But on another level, the challenge asks you to consider who in your life you feel passionate about protecting from the coronavirus pandemic—aka who you're "staying home for."

In a video message from his own self-quarantine, the Footloose star joked about always being "six degrees away from you"—a play on how it's long been believed that Bacon is connected by six degrees to every other Hollywood actor through his extensive filmography. Right now, though, those six degrees should look more like six feet, aka the CDC-recommended distance to keep between yourself and others amid the COVID-19 pandemic, explained Bacon. "The contact that you make with someone, who makes contact with someone else, may be what makes somebody's mom, grandpa, or wife sick," the actor said in his video. "Every one of us has someone who is worth staying home."

Holding up a sign that reads "#IStayHomeFor Kyra Sedgwick", Bacon shared that he's staying home to protect his wife of 31 years. He then tagged six of his celebrity friends—Elton John, David Beckham, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato, and Brandi Carlile—asking them to join in on the quarantine fun by sharing who they're staying home for, and by tagging six of their friends to keep the challenge going.

"The more folks involved, the merrier—we're all connected by various degrees (trust me, I know!)," wrote Bacon. (

Plenty of famous faces are accepting Bacon's challenge, including Lovato. "There's a lot of things going on in our world right now, but if there's one thing that matters it's spreading love," she wrote in her #IStayHomeFor post. "#IStayHomeFor my parents, my neighbors, and my health."

Eva Longoria got in on the action, too, sharing a video explaining why she's staying home and self-quarantining. She said she not only hopes to protect her husband José "Pepe" Bastón and their one-year-old son Santi, but also the healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of managing the rapidly-growing number of coronavirus cases across the globe. (

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown shared that she's staying home for her family, including her grandmother (aka Nan), as well as "the vulnerable and elderly."

"[Nan] protected me my whole life. Now it's time for me to protect her," wrote Brown. (

Bottom line: Social distancing isn't just about protecting yourself and your loved ones from the coronavirus. It's also about coming together with a common goal to protect everyone from this ongoing pandemic.

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