Chloe Cherry Opened Up About Developing an Eating Disorder

The actress says she became "obsessed" with the idea that she was "fat."

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Before Chloe Cherry appeared on the HBO hit series Euphoria as Faye, she began her career working in the porn industry, which she thinks contributed to an unhealthy relationship with food. On Wednesday, the actress opened up about developing an eating disorder after an agent in the industry called her "fat."

Cherry discussed the encounter and its aftermath on the most recent episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. "It all started when this agent that I had when I was in porn said to my face that I was fat," she told host Alex Cooper. "He said, 'Everyone says that you're fat and the fastest way to lose weight is by not eating.'"

Her immediate thoughts were "what the fuck," since she never previously thought about her weight until that comment, and then it became the only thing she could think about, she shared. "It just turned into an eating disorder cause I was so young at the time," she said in the interview. "He said that to me when I was 18, and it was so fucking freaky because no one in my whole life had ever said that I was fat, and then it just became an obsession."

Cherry began restricting her diet by becoming vegan and limiting her calorie intake. The model admitted on Call Her Daddy that she was "miserable" at the time and "just not treating my body well."

Fortunately, Cherry said she eventually found a healthier relationship with food after seeking help from mental health professionals, listening to podcasts about eating disorder recovery, and opening up to her friends about her struggles.

"To get out of it really took a lot of me opening up to all my friends," she said during the episode. "Opening up about it suddenly made it all come down." Along with talking to loved ones, Cherry said she had to stop all dieting, including being vegan, to recover. "Something that I had to do was stop all of my food obsession," she said.

During the episode, Cherry went on to share that she's in a better place. She noted that in the summer of 2020, she stopped the extreme dieting and gained control over the obsessive thought patterns, leading to a newfound confidence and happiness with her appearance.

If you or someone you know is battling an eating disorder, please contact the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) at 1-800-931-2237 or go to

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