The star's take on slimming down at her own pace is totally inspiring.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: March 15, 2017

It was just a few months ago that This Is Us actress Chrissy Metz revealed she would be losing weight along with her character on the show. Since then, the series has become a complete hit (despite, or perhaps because of, the ugly-crying it induces), and Metz has been launched even further into the spotlight. This recognition has given her the opportunity to open up about her weight loss journey and allowed her to become an awesome role model for others going through a similar struggle. (Related: Chrissy Metz Opens Up About The Panic Attack That Started Her Weight Loss Journey)

Most recently, she shared photos from a super-sexy pin-up style shoot she did, and the corresponding interview with Harper's Bazaar was totally enlightening. Of her newfound fame after years of struggling to make it in the entertainment industry, she says, "I'm on this journey to inspire people, and to encourage them. We are all deserving of true happiness, so it's much more than just acting. It's like, forget you're on this amazing television show, you're changing lives and opening discussion." It's unfortunately really rare to see a non-slender woman in a leading role on prime-time TV, so she definitely has a point.

Though Metz shares that she does want to lose weight, she is very clear that she doesn't get down on herself about where she is right now. "If you can't love who you are now, you can't get to the place you want to be," she told the mag. So true. It's really important to remember that ultimately, loving yourself will only *help* you accomplish your goals. "It's a daily lesson for all of us," she says. "I'm paving the way for other women and men who know they're destined for greatness but they don't believe it yet." It's all about that confidence! She continues: "There's more room for all of us now-no matter our sexuality, race, body size, gender, or whatever else." We couldn't agree more. (For more healthy body image inspo, read how this body-positive woman explains the problem with loving your flaws.)


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